Musicians: Why Your Back Story Is Important

Promote_MusicLet’s face it: Much of the time, the most interesting part of a superhero’s story is how they got their powers in the first place. That’s why people keep paying to see Bruce Wayne’s resurrection, or watching Peter Parker receive his fateful spider bite in ever-more elaborate laboratories.

The same is true for musical superstars. While there are undoubtedly exceptions, few things can promote your music better than a really great backstory.

Promote Your Music With A Great Origin Story!

1 – Personal Hardship

Few elements of a musician’s backstory will more quickly grab fans than if there’s hardship in their past.  Stories of musicians overcoming personal problems or tragic events have provided inspiration to fans for centuries, and it’s unlikely to stop.  Trouble in your background virtually always translates directly to a stronger connection with your audience, so play it up!

2 – Location, Location, Location

In my mind, it’s totally natural that both superheroes and superstars are often defined by their home town. When you’ve got a big city in your blood, it gives you a connection to the people there, and often influences your style in many ways. Take advantage of that demographic!

3 – You’re On A Mission From Whoever

Some artists want to change the world. Are you one of them? Is your dream to play live aid concerts for starving people? Then share your dream! Make your fans a part of it. If you have a noble goal in life, often that’s all it takes to get people on your side.

What If My Life Is Boring?

OK, if you grew up on the not-so-mean streets of Brooklyn or Austin or Portland (either one), you just may not have that much going for you in your background.

Then, you’ve really got two options: Either get out there and do something interesting… or come up with some really great (and totally unverifiable) stories.

Either way, if you want to stand out among the pack and give your fans a reason to love you, a great backstory does the trick!

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