4 Ways Vine Can Promote Your Music

promote your musicVine is one of the odder social media services, a Twitter spin-off that tries to do to video what Twitter did to text. Users can quickly and easily create 6-second videos which loop and, well, that’s about it.

Nonetheless, it was the fastest-adopted social media service of 2013, and maintains a high degree of popularity among the <25 set, along with a smattering of users in other age groups. As such, it’s a great medium to promote your music to high school- and college-age listeners.

So how can six seconds of video promote your music? Here are a few ideas!

How Vine Can Promote Your Music

1 – The Teaser

This one’s as simple as you can get. Got a new track or music video on the way? Release a few tiny teasers via Vine, without giving people more than a small taste. Just a single phrase, a riff, or a few beats from your drum line.

2 – Time-Lapse

Time-lapse has become highly popular on Vine since most smartphones include the option on their cameras, and it can compress an hour or more into just a few seconds. Be creative!  Look for ways to tell a story in time-lapse, even if it’s just showing stage setup, or something behind-the-scenes.

3 – Answer Fan Questions

Want to make some true fans? Take comments on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/etc. and respond to them personally with quick soundbites on Vine. You could answer a dozen questions in just a few minutes and get some great fan synergy going.

4 – Remix/Mashup Projects

Whether you’re doing the remixing, or you’re tossing material out for your fans to play with, Vine videos are ripe for getting mixed into other media. Invite Vines from fans that will go in your next music video, or invite them to create their own videos from your Vines. Or, how about a contest?

It’s a fast-moving media world, and if your music is going to take off, you need to keep watching for new trends. Keep an eye on this blog for more tips on how to promote your music!


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