New Female Musicians: Try Kickstarter!

For indie female artists, the Internet offers a wealth of new opportunities for selling music online – especially Kickstarter! More and more women are turning to it for funding, since it allows musicians to go straight to the fans and bypass the (often-sexist) big-money music industry.

It’s also a great way to connect to very specific sub-groups and fine-tune your audience appeal. Very “niche” female artists are finding their fanbase, one-by-one around the world.

Today, we wanted to highlight a few current female artists who’ve had great success selling music online with the help of Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Helps Female Indie Musicians Selling Music Online

Of course, we couldn’t talk about this without mentioning Amanda Palmer, whose record-breaking one-day $250K Kickstarter in 2012 gained her the title of “Queen of Social Media.” While probably a bit hyperbolic, she certainly proved that girls these days can self-finance their projects.

One act that caught our eye lately for their savvy promotion are The Doubleclicks, a geek-focused two-girl act who could be roughly described as an alt-folk version of Ladytron. Their songs largely revolve around Dungeons and Dragons, and dinosaurs. They’re also known to play very unconventional venues – such as game shops – which is brilliant in terms of targeted outreach.

They recently hit $80K on Kickstarter for their next album, and became Portland’s most successful kickstart thus far. Speaking of Ladytron, one of its founding members, Helen Marnie, ran a crowdfunding program for her own solo album a few years back.

If you need more inspiration, look to singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs, whose career began in 2005 and already became a hit in 2006, thanks to a song’s inclusion in “Weeds.”  Her crowd-funded third album is still on Kickstarter’s list of top-funded indie music projects.

Kickstarters Take Your Music Promotion To The People

If you’ve got fanbase that’s devoted, but widespread, Kickstarters can be a perfect way to promote your music online. Has anyone else out there had any success crowdfunding their own musical projects? We love to hear indie artist success stories!


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