How to Connect with Music Bloggers


The internet age has redefined music promotion, especially for independent artists who have decided to bypass the conventional music business. Here are some tips on how to connect with music bloggers, who can give your music exposure to a growing online community.

The Importance of Music Blogs

Once a blog is published by a prominent music blogger and indexed by search engines, it can attract a continuous stream of new followers, which can add up to thousands of fans over time.

Start Your Own Blog

Launching your own blog or online article series is essential in getting other bloggers to pay attention to you. Not only does it give them details on your background and mindset, it can give them instant ideas on themes to write about. The beauty of a blog is that it can integrate with any other kind of electronic media.

Where to Find Music Bloggers

Not all music bloggers have big audiences, so make sure you do some research using or other traffic ranking tools to find out how popular a website is. Here are some popular music sites that review new indie music:

– Pitchfork

– PopMatters

– Stereogum

– Today’s Music Blog – The Hype Machine

– Create Digital Music

– Send Press Releases

Publish your own press release that is available on your website and send an attachment or link to relevant news sources about stories that stand out from the general music business press releases. If your local online news publication writes about your music, you can use that as evidence for bloggers that your music is already being talked about to significant audiences.

Add a Personal Message

Send personalized emails to bloggers directly with links to your music and offer them the opportunity to expand their audience by connecting with yours through a review or interview. It’s possible to get the attention of music business professionals if you appear in enough blogs.

Cross-Promotion through Social Media

One way to get reviewed or interviewed by prominent music bloggers is to offer cross-promotion through social media. Remember that a huge reason for their success is they built an interactive community.

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