How to Sell Your Music on iTunes

So you have been able to answer one of the most difficult questions for artists, “How do I upload my music on iTunes?”  Either by partnering with Apple directly or by using an aggregator such as SongCast, you have been able to successfully upload your music to iTunes and make it available to your fans.  This is one of the first big challenges for many up and coming musicians and bands. The next challenge many artists face is learning how to sell music on iTunes and other music retail sites. To sell your music effectively, you will need to draw your fan base to iTunes and develop new fans through music marketing.


Learning how to create and use iMixes is a great and inexpensive way to know how to sell music on iTunes.  iMixes or playlists are made by individual users and then published for the rest of the iTunes community. Use your current iTunes account to create a playlist including your own music and other songs that are in the same genre.  You are able to make four additional accounts on the same card, in order to make more playlists. Each playlist will further connect your music to like artists and help your potential fans find your songs and albums.  It will also place your music in more than one place online and gain you more exposure. In the end iMixes will help your future fans to find you because they will be able to relate your music to bands and artists they already enjoy.

Online Promotion

To further know how to sell music on iTunes, you will need to understand how to best use your online presence. On your various online sites, from MySpace to Facebook to your blog to your band’s personal website, direct traffic to iTunes and to your music. Tell the visitors of your sites that your tracks are available to purchase on iTunes through various forms of communication. The most important part is getting people to listen to your music sample on iTunes, after that your music will be able to sell itself.

After you have answered, “How do I upload my music on iTunes?” your next step will be to know how to sell music on iTunes. If you’re ready to launch your music career or have more questions about how to sell music on iTunes, or the process of uploading your music to iTunes then contact SongCast today!

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  • Frank Easterling 10 / 02 / 2012 Reply

    I have a 15 song cd, Chisholm Trail Of Life.
    This C D has Christain, Country,Blues and Tributes.
    I also have a 12 song cd, Country, Tributes, and Gospel.
    This cd is named The Perfet Test Of Time.

  • dennis 03 / 01 / 2013 Reply

    Im recording a cd as we speak, so finding out how to sell on itunes will be awesome :)

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