Spotlight! The ONLY Place To Find The Most Brand New, Indie, Slammin’ HIP HOP! New show begins streaming Tues. 8/7 at 8pm!

Spotlight: Hip Hop
Program: 012
8/7/12 – 8pm

The indie hip hop scene is better than ever!  We have some killer beats to shove in your face this week!  Many bands have produced some slammin’ videos!  Share them in FB with your friends and tell EVERYONE about Hip Hop Spotlight – THE place to find huge doses of fresh, kick ass, indie HIP HOP!

This week’s show features Zetes, Ra Ra, D.A. Baby, Too-Sweet, The Chemist, J. Notes, International Rob B, LaLa T, The Soularz, Young Will, Zeam, Nish Gaveer, Cell Griff, and MORE!

Check out these killa videos, from artists featured on this HIP HOP Spotlight!

Ra Ra “Emergency”
Too-Seeet “Weeble Wobble”
The Chemist “Animosity”
J. Notes “Love 4 Ever”
Nish Gaveer – Interview & Freestyle 

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  • Roderic Bessard A.K.A Roddy Bo from Bo school productions 06 / 08 / 2013 Reply

    The spotlight show is off the hook. Some of the best indie artist i’ve heard. Check it out if you haven’t already

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