How Can Fans Help Market Your Music

Music MarketingAre your fans your greatest asset in the realm of music marketing? A dedicated following can make you the next best thing in the music industry by helping create a buzz so that you can sell more music online and off. Best of all, you can get that music marketing for little money or even free! Here’s three ways fans can help market your music:


By giving your fans freebies, you can gain their information for future promotions. For example, take to social media to let your followers know that you have a free mp3 available. Have them type in their e-mail address before the download begins.

Now, ask the downloading fan to share the song with friends; You’ve instantly widened your audience. In a 2014 Huffington Post piece, independent star Ron Pope explains, “When I played in Norway in early 2012, I sold around 100 tickets; since then, my music has exploded on Spotify there. My upcoming show sold out at 450 tickets…” So, freebies could lead to future sales of concert tickets or albums — all while fans are sharing your music for free!


While the Internet is a great place to tout fan merchandise, a hilariously funny t-shirt or a well-designed hat can become conversation starters when worn in the real world. While your fans may have paid for the merch, you’re getting the benefits of them walking around with your name, website address, or logo in public à la free advertising on any day at any hour. (Make sure your most important information is legible enough it can’t be ignored.)

Allies suggests that this strategy can work for you: Ask another motivated musician or band in your area (of a similar genre) if you can team up. Open shows for each other or book music venues together. Introduce each other to your fan bases via social media, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. That sharing of fans may set the scene for success. Your old and new fans will be singing high praises and ready to follow you both straight to the top of the charts!

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