Pros & Cons of Hiring a Manager

Music BusinessDo you need a manager to get ahead in the music business?  Not necessarily… but it can certainly help!

It’s a question a lot of bands struggle with.  A manager can do a lot behind the scenes to help a band flourish, but they’re expensive, and you also give up a lot of creative control.  Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?  Let’s take a look.

Why You SHOULD Hire A Manager

1 – They know the music business… and the people in it.

This is the big one, frankly.  An experienced manager knows how things work, and they also know who makes things work.  They’ll have the contacts to help you make better deals than you can get on your own.

2 – They give you an impartial ear.

Some artists are satisfied simply making the music they like, and letting people buy it or not.  However, artists who are looking to make the big time NEED larger sales and mass appeal.  A manager can help a band refine its sound to appeal to wider groups.

3 – They can play referee.

If a band is prone to arguing over style and direction, a manager often is of great help acting as the Deciding Vote in contentious issues.  It helps prevent egos from getting out of hand.

Why You Should NOT Hire A Manager

1 – Money.

Managers are expensive, especially for an up-and-coming band without much income.  Unless they can quickly prove their worth, they just reduce everyone’s paycheck.

2 – Independence. 

Not every band needs a referee, and plenty of acts have mass appeal without the need for bringing a middleman onboard.  Too many cooks can spoil the food, as they say.  And if there’s one thing most managers love to do, it’s meddle. 

3 – If it ain’t broke…

If your career is already building steadily and you’re happy with your live gigs and sales, well, there’s probably no reason to rock the boat.  A new manager will almost always bring a shift in your band’s sound or visuals.  These might not be changes your fans want.

How do YOU feel about managers?

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  • Susumu Shinohara 20 / 05 / 2015 Reply

    I’m living in Japan and difficult to get any concern with music business around the world
    because of Japan is difficult area for my music.
    So I need to manage to get any music business , I do want manager instead of me.

  • Ashley Lenartson 28 / 05 / 2015 Reply

    Reading this information makes me think twice about hiring anybody. I cannot afford it right now but when the time is right I’d do it. For now, I’ve got my Pop Songs so far recorded online for people to listen to that I wrote that other people are singing. Now, if I could just find a Music Publisher to say, “YES!” then I’d get somewhere as far as the publishing end goes…

  • Ashley Lenartson 28 / 05 / 2015 Reply

    Hire a manager if you need one…

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