How SongCast Can Advance Your Music Career

Music CareerIf you’re looking for a great way to take your music career to the next level, SongCast has it.  We provide a simple and affordable platform for launching your music on every major digital music system, as well as centralizing your payments.  

SongCast brings you a lot of benefits for a low affordable fee.  Here’s how!

What You’re Getting With A SongCast Subscription

1 – Cheap access to all the major distribution platforms.

It’s entirely possible to self-publish on iTunes, but honestly – it’s a pain.  You have to sign up with multiple business entities, including memberships with artist representation groups.  It takes a few hundred dollars to get set up.

Our low ratesanyone can afford, we’ll put your music onto all the biggest music download sites at once, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, and more!  

Plus, we’re now including free setup of a Facebook Music Page, complete with direct-purchase links to your preferred outlets.

2 – Centralized payments – with no deductions.

Once we’ve got you set up, we’ll also collect your earnings on your behalf from all the services and put them into a recurring monthly payout.  And you get 100% of it.  We deduct nothing from your royalties and sales, because your initial fees have already paid for our services.

You will also get a detailed monthly per-site breakdown of sales, allowing you to easily track the growth of your music career.  We include digital payout options as well, so you don’t have to wait for a check.

3 – Streaming radio access

SongCast maintains our own set of streaming radio stations, designed to introduce listeners around the world to great indie musicians.  With your music included in digital streams, you’ve got another great way to introduce new fans to your music.

4 – And you keep ALL your rights.  Period.

SongCast does not and will never claim ownership of your songs or other Intellectual Property.  Our membership is non-exclusive and you can walk away whenever you like.  We’re here to help boost your music career – not to steal your music away. 

So click here to register today!

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