How to Draw Attention To Your Music

Music promotion is all about drawing attention to yourself. Becoming well-known, by itself, is often one of the quickest routes to success in music or any other form of entertainment.

One way or the other, you need plenty of exposure to make it in the music business. The good news is, we have more resources for self-exposure today than ever before.

Music Promotion Always Means Drawing Attention To Your Music

1 – Do more live shows.

In terms of exposure, there are still very few ways of building a fan base or getting noticed by people in the industry. Social media is nice and all, but nothing compares to connecting with your audience directly from the stage.  

Acts with significant live experience are also more attractive to producers. In most cases, a “purely studio” musician will have a much harder time getting signed.

2 – Keep sending out demos.

You should consistently be reaching out to people in the industry as you uncover them, whether they’re promoters or simply bloggers in your genre. Be sure to include full contact information (seriously, this gets forgotten) and some sort of summary of your band\act\music that gives them a reason to listen.

Just remember that there’s a fine line between persistent and annoying, and you don’t want to cross it.

3 – Involve your fans.

The best social media exposure is the kind that comes from fans who want to spread the love.  Keep them involved, both in terms of communication, but also in terms of activities.  Contests, picture or video submissions, remix challenges…  The more you involve your fans directly, the more likely they’ll recommend you to others.

4 – Get on streaming radio.

Online streaming radio continues to grow and there’s little sign of this stopping.  Accordingly, it’s also becoming the source of music discovery for more and more everyday listeners.  Getting your music onto streaming services can be great music promotion.


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