Musicians Beware the Following Five Facebook Mistakes

Facebook is one of the most helpful tools in organizing any kind of following. It allows you to create groups and learn from the experiences of others. When it comes to online music marketing, here are some common Facebook mistakes to avoid.

1. Making friends with the wrong people

One of the reasons Facebook is so popular is because it allows you to expand relationships quickly without ever leaving your home. Entertainers tend to add hundreds of random fans to their friends list with the intention that everyone who is interested in their music should have access to their posts. One of the problems that the internet can cause is giving too many wrong people access.

The wrong people are those who have a habit of causing problems or starting arguments through social media. Negative feedback isn’t a problem if it’s constructive criticism. When you are confronted with hecklers who joined your group to have fun with disruption, you may share what others may interpret as negative reactions. 

2. Too many posts in a day

Not only is the act of posting dozens of Facebook messages per day obviously self-glorifying, it’s also considered spam by many people. When using Facebook for online music marketing, focus on 3 to 5 posts per day so that your messages stay fresh.

3. Not using enough visuals

If all you ever post are one liners or paragraphs of text, you will not see as much engagement on your posts. Social media users enjoy colorful pictures that stand out in long scrolling news feeds full of text and images. Photos and videos can be used to tell stories, making them more likely to be shared. 

4. Unfocused messages

Since social media is still a new form of online music marketing, it can be misused in many ways. Sending out unclear messages for the sake of experimentation can create alienation, as people do not like to feel they are wasting their time. 

5. Failure to interact

When using Facebook for online music marketing, interacting with followers is a good way to develop support. Failing to engage with followers is missing the opportunity to build strong relationships with fans. 

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