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Every musician goes through a phase in which creativity dries up and musical inspiration is much needed. While absorbing surroundings and transforming them into musical elements is helpful, sometimes one needs to look for inspiration in different places. Listening to as many other artists’ songs as you can, especially classics of different genres, can help you create something unique with new elements. These are some of the different genres you should be listening to if you need inspiration.


Some people say that Jazz is America’s one true form of art. It started in the early 1900s in the south and has been influencing musicians ever since. While Jazz has all the elements other genres have, it is set apart by an element of improvisation. The focus is not on perfection, it’s on the artist’s creativity and imagination. This freedom allows their emotions and soul to be exposed.

Hip Hop

In the past 50 years, Hip Hop has been named the most influential musical genre. This stylized type of music is a mix of isolated percussion breaks of popular songs and different musical elements including complex and emotional stories told through effortless rhymes.


Rock originated in the United States and has inspired many other genres as it evolved. This type of music is centered on the electric guitar and the incorporation of bass and drums. Although it uses a verse-chorus form with a 4/4 time signature like other genres, Rock still has very unique properties. Lyrics range from life events and romance to political views and social issues.


Blues is one of the most popular music genres in history. Melody and harmony are used differently in this genre. The rhythm is based on the 12-bar and 48-beat repetitive pattern, while the harmony is focused on the first, fourth and fifth cords of a combination. The question-answer nature of the lyrics is explained by the overall theme—sadness, poverty, violence and death. With the numerous instruments and techniques used, this genre is a great source for musical inspiration.

It’s important to always think of what genre elements make a song great. Listening to different types of music can provide you with the musical inspiration and techniques that you can use in your own masterpieces. For more information visit our SongCast Blog.

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