Boost Your Music Distribution This Holiday Season

The end of every year is joyful, festive, and fun – and it also comes with many opportunities for music distribution. Use these useful tips to ensure your Indie band takes advantage of the holiday season.

Release new content

The holidays offer artists unique opportunities to maximize their profits. This is because people are searching for gifts to buy for their friends and family, and they are willing to spend a lot more money than usual. In order to capitalize on this, you need to get people excited and buzzing about your music. You can do this by timing the release of a new album or EP to coincide with the holidays. You could also release a new music video or shareable content piece (think blogs, quizzes, photos and videos from live concerts, etc.) to get people talking about your band. You could offer a special edition of an old CD that comes with a bonus track, or advertise a package of your old CDs as a gift set.

Make sure your music is available

If you’re creating new content or have music that isn’t yet on major platforms, keep in mind that iTunes and other music distribution companies have holiday deadlines. Since listeners will be searching for new things to buy, your music should be as visible as possible. Try to get featured on blogs, get air time on radio stations, and ensure your music is readily available.

Sell Holiday Merchandise

Lots of Indie bands are able to make a respectable amount of money from merchandise by offering limited-edition holiday merchandise for your fans. For example, you can have Christmas themed sweaters, hats, socks, stocking, and even coffee mugs that incorporate your band’s logo and the most wonderful time of the year are great ideas for gifts fans can purchase.

Cover a holiday classic

Recording a hit Christmas song is an easy way to get revenue, and if it’s really popular, it will be a source of income during every holiday season for years to come. Recording a festive tune is also a fun way to celebrate with your bandmates and share the holiday joy with your fans. A list of public domain Christmas songs can be found here.

Engage with your fans

Interacting with fans is always important, but the Holidays is a time to give back and be grateful for the support that you have. Make an effort to reach out to fans on social media, offer free Holiday giveaways, take part in a benefit concert, or volunteer for your favorite local charity.

We hope these tips will make your holiday season even more enjoyable. If you’re looking for more information about music distribution, Indie music news, and the latest trends, follow our blog.

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