Promote Your Music on Vine

Vine is one of the most popular social media services on the market. Much like Instagram, it is a media-sharing app, however, Vine only allows you to create 6-second videos and post them, looping them for your followers. Not only does Vine open up doors for more opportunities for your career, but it gets you accustomed with using social media to advertise your music. With plenty of fresh faces and already successful people using the app, making connections will be a piece of cake!

 6-Second Previews

Similar to the way iTunes shows 30-second previews, Vine loops a 6-second video, which could be used as a way to promote your music. Giving people no more than a little taste, you can share a bit of what you are trying to sell.

 “Follower” Feature

There is no possible way to promote your music without having an established follower count. With the ability to earn followers, you also get more recognition. Invest time in searching for users with similar interests that will want to follow you back.


With the commenting feature on Vine, you can hear opinions of the people who listen to your loops. It is a chance to interact and engage with your follower base, similar to Twitter or Facebook.

 Collaboration Opportunities

Vine is full of up and coming artists looking to promote their music as well. By making collaborations, you are combining followers and extending your audience. With the remixing feature available on Vine, collaborations are made simple. Promoting your music does not have to be complicated, and by taking advantage of Vine, it can be done elaborately.

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