Our Favorite Music Apps

Day by day, more music apps emerge in the App Store or Google Play, with a wide selection to choose from. Whether you are looking for a mobile radio, music distribution app, guitar tuners, or music streaming app, it is always at your fingertips. With so many choices, knowing the best apps to use to distribute your music can become a challenge. Luckily, we have compiled a list of apps that you absolutely need. Keep reading to find out the very best music apps on the market!


With features such as the ability to create and personalize your very own stations, this app brings all your favorite artists and songs together in one place. The “download offline” option (purchased with the Rdio Select or Rdio Unlimited subscriptions) even allows you to download your favorite music for listening without any reception needed.


Spotify gives you the freedom to create playlists with any song you would like, with a limit of 6 skips each hour. Built-in the app is the ability to create your own stations, branching off of a playlist, song, artist, or even album. If you are an artist looking for a way to take part in the music distribution of your own songs, you can create a profile and as you post on iTunes, the music will transfer over. With Spotify Premium subscription, there is absolutely no limit on skips, no ads, and you can listen to any song offline.


Soundcloud is the best app for music distribution purposes. It is the most popular underground music platform, where up and rising artists can share their music and support other artists, as well. Not only does Soundcloud let you stream music, but gives you the ability to create playlists and interact with other people and their playlists.


When you are aching to know what song is currently playing on the radio, Shazam comes in handy. Shazam offers cool features like a “Buy on iTunes” and “Share” button, so you can listen to the songs you’ve discovered right away!

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

This app is more of a fun indulgence, if you enjoy singing. With Sing! Karaoke by Smule, you can pick any song from the selection and record yourself singing. You later have the option to share it or save the video you created.

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