Staying healthy On The Move – Touring Tips

band touring tipsTouring is how bands make a living, but you will be in a better mindset if you “live to tour” than if you “tour to live.” The best ways to staying healthy when touring are to eat right, sleep well, stay fit, and maintain positive energy. Here are some tips to ensure you stay healthy during your tour.

Avoid Bad Motels

While it’s important to save as much money as possible when touring, try to avoid run down motels and hotels because those can be places that literally make you ill. Be sure to inspect a room before you commit to it to make sure it’s not infested with bed bugs or other insects. It’s helpful to plan out your lodging by reading reviews on travel websites such as TripAdvisor.

Eat Healthy

The easiest path to poor health is to just eat junk food and nothing else. Fast food ultimately weakens the immune system, leading to various health problems and depression. Eating fresh organic fruits, vegetables and nuts is always a better choice than burgers, fries and soda, which are full of toxins that throw your body’s natural processes out of balance. Mountain spring water is one of the best drinks you can put into your system and will help keep you energized. Check out Fooducate for various food ratings. Great road food includes apples, bananas, grapes, carrots and almonds.

Get Exercise

If you jump around on stage a lot, that’s good exercise, but it’s also healthy to stay active throughout the day. Watching television all day is not good for blood circulation or your respiratory system. Finding a gym or a place where you can jog or walk can help maintain your energy level, which ultimately affects your attitude. If you are confined to a small area like a hotel room, consider doing sit-ups or jumping jacks.

Stay Positive

One of the most crucial band touring tips is to stay positive on your adventure. Touring can be stressful, especially if it’s more for exposure than compensation. Whatever challenges you face, make it work and remember to have fun.

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