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Not only is SongCast a great way to get your music into the hands of major digital retailers, it’s now a resource for independent artists to stay up-to-date about new ways to get your music heard.

Each week on the SongCast blog we’ll provide insider tips about music marketing, music distribution, promotional ideas and much more.

Our first month of blogging will focus on the things we know are important to independent artists, like:

  • How to create awareness of your music and brand
  • How to promote your live performances, albums or singles
  • How to let fans know that your music is for sale

We’ll also take an in-depth look at social media as it relates to indie artists. Our social media series will focus on:

  • The importance using Facebook: how to create and promote your page
  • The ins and outs of MySpace: how to create a profile for your band, how to cross promote your website and your music distribution channels

Be sure to look for posts in early 2011 about using Twitter to market your music, the visual power of YouTube, and the need to connect and create a conversation with your fans through blogging.

Stay in the know by subscribing to our blog and check back each week for insider tips of the trade to get your music heard. We’ll also be sharing information via Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to find us there!

Keep reading and we’ll keep providing ways to save you time, save you money and deliver your music to the world! See you here next week!

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  • florence 18 / 12 / 2010 Reply

    I am an independent musician, I just recorded my 1st three songs, I don’t have a website yet, I’ll really appreciate you guys get my music out there, and also help me out on how to organise a show with limited or no finacial support as an indie musician.
    Looking forward to your reply,

    • SongCast 27 / 12 / 2010 Reply

      Hi Florence,
      Thanks for the comment on the blog. We encourage you to keep doing everything you can to get your music out there. We appreciate you using SongCast for your distribution. Stay in touch with our blog as we will be giving you tips for promoting your music through social media and online. You also might want to connect with us on Facebook and ask some of the other SongCast musicians for advice on organizing shows.

      SongCast Team

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