Social Media Is Truly Social

Have you considered how you’re communicating with your fans and how to you keep them engaged with your music? When using the various forms of social media, it’s important to remember that it’s meant to be a conversation, not a one-way street.

Here are some social media tips for indie musicians:

  • Remember to update regularly. Twitter should be updated several times a day. Facebook and MySpace at least once a day, blogs once a week.
  • Avoid constantly posting points of information like show dates that don’t allow fans to engage with you. Remember that social media is most effective when fans can have a conversation with you.
  • How do you spark a conversation? Ask questions. This will get the ball rolling and, in the process, you might find out useful information about your fans and what they think of you.
  • Make it visual. Keep your fans updated using photos and video as often as you can.
  • Make them feel special: provide interesting, “behind the scenes” information about your music that they may not have known. What inspired your lyrics? How long have you been playing the ukulele?
  • Ask your fans for tips! Playing a show in Minnesota but you’ve never been outside of your home state? Ask fans for scoop about where to stay, where to eat and what to do! They’ll be happy to share.
  • Encourage fans to share your content. Make sure they know that they can help spread the word to their social media circle. Thank them for doing so.
  • Don’t rely on social media alone. Get out and be social. Meet your fans at shows, get their contact info and then connect (and stay in touch) via social media.

Do you have any tips on keeping social media social?

Next week: The News Release. It’s more than just a way to get picked up in traditional media.

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