SongCast Launches New Internet Radio Station and Facebook App for Artists

SongCast is excited to announce the addition of SongCast Radio and a new app for Facebook featuring independent artists and labels.

The new internet radio station is designed for music lovers who want to discover up and coming artists and to be able to share their picks in a social environment such as Facebook. Users can mark tracks as their favorites, create playlists and even send a message directly to the artist while listening. Just about every style of music is available including; Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Country, Reggae, Blues, Jazz as well as many others.

Artists may add their music to SongCast Radio by going to Some of the features available with the service are real-time listener stats, notification on when a user marks their track as a favorite or when an artist receives feedback on their music. All artists will also receive distribution to iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3, Emusic, Napster and Spotify when registering for SongCast Radio.

Mike Wright, founder of SongCast said of the news: “SongCast Radio is an innovative new service which will help our artists gain more exposure and create wider audiences for their music. In addition, our Facebook App will open up the social channel for the artist, where their music can be discovered by millions. We are excited to announce these new features and remain committed to providing the best music distribution networks in the world.”

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