SongCast Artist Success Story – Heather Ryan

songcast_artist_heather_ryanMeet SongCast Artist Heather Ryan, and read on for her SongCast success story:

SongCast: How would you describe your sound?

Heather Ryan: Catchy and annoying would probably best describe my “sound.” The majority of the songs I have written or on which I collaborated are geared toward 6-17 year old children so the more it gets stuck in your head, and drive you to the brink of insanity, the more likely I am to write and record it.

SC: How long have you been performing music?

HR: Unbelievably, about one year is the amount of time I’ve been involved in the music side of entertainment. By trade, I am a talent agent with VERY limited knowledge of the music industry. I wrote a song for one of my young talent clients about a year ago, took it to a recording studio, recorded the scratch track and gave it to her mom to drill into my client’s head until she could come to Iowa and re-record the song. That was the beginning of this wild ride in which we find ourselves. I have since written several songs for several clients (all under 10 years old) and we have had astounding success – far beyond our wildest dreams.

SC: How long have you been working with SongCast?

HR: I was referred to SongCast through Sonic Music Factory when I asked the owner, Jon Locker, how people sell their wares on iTunes. So I have been using SongCast for as long as I have been a party of this industry. Without SongCast, NONE of our success would have been possible because I literally knew NOTHING about the music business before writing my first song that wasn’t a “Weird Al Type Parody.”

SC: How do you define success?

HR: Success is being able to rub your accomplishments in the faces of all your peers from High School who treated you poorly. Ahhh, I love that smell!

SC: How has SongCast helped propel your career?

HR: Without SongCast I would not have been able to figure out how to make my music accessible to the international audience who (for some unknown reason) is endeared by the drivel that I write, produce and own. My fantastic little clients have received a huge amount of media surrounding their music as well as tours, appearances, and fantastic royalties. SongCast has LITERALLY been a life changer for me, my clients, and the families of my clients. I cannot say enough good things about the simplicity, cost effectiveness and convenience!

SC: What advice would you give to other indie artists trying to make their mark?

HR: If you’re not uber clever about marketing your product on your own, find a good agent and/or get a good publicist! Just one appearance of my first song on national television was all it took to propel this kooky little idea I had about writing one song for one client into a life-changing whirlwind.

Heather Ryan

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