SongCast Artist Success Story – Vivian

Read on for our Q&A with Vivian from Glints label, a French Independent Record label.

SongCast: Please describe your sound.

Vivian: Our sound is mixed with all kinds of flavour; i.e Afro beat, Hip pop, Rnb, Rap, Funkysoul, Reggae, House music and all. And that is what defines our culture. What’s really making our music more interesting today is the DJ. African DJs are making a big impact in our music industry by introducing different beats, which I find more interesting.

SC: How long have you been promoting music?

V: I have been promoting Nigerian music for about a year now. And I have promoted Nigerian top artists which are on my compilation CD: Tony Harmony, J. Martins, Tamaya, Wizkids, Flavour, Black IQ, 3gga, Federal Man, Manfesto, P.square, Waconzy, J.won and other new artists: AJ Omo Alhaja, Kaz, M.Josh, Spice Vision etc.

SC: How long have you been with SongCast?

V: I have been with SongCast since June 2011.

SC: How do you define success?

V: There are different ways people define success. To me, success is not a destination, but a long journey which one can take. As you path, you will find many interesting things along the roadside. Success is what you are able to make, what you are able to give and how you feel. Right now, I have just begun my journey, which is very interesting, exciting, but hard… I don’t know where this road will lead me to. 10 years from now, I will be able to define what success is… Just wish me good luck.

SC: How has SongCast helped propel your career?

V: Songcast is really helping me in the area of distribution, promotion and selling my artists’ music on itunes, Google, Amazon, E-music, Spotify, and more.

SC: What advice would you give to other indie artists trying to make their mark?

V: 1. Never give up even though the situation looks ugly. 2. Keep fighting till you win. 3. Stay focused. 4. Hold on to what you believe.

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