How to Promote Your Music in Person

promoting_your_musicAs an artist you have probably created a Facebook, MySpace and a Twitter page as well as a personal blog and band website to better promote your music online. But it is important that you also promote your music in person.  Allow your online and offline presence to complement each other.  Online and offline promotion are important for all bands, but the tactics should be used together in order to reach the largest amount of fans to sell your music online.

Show-Off Your Digital Communication

At each show, make time to promote your music on your social media avenues, both on stage and at your merchandise table. Most likely you will gain fans as you are rocking out on stage.  By telling them about your website, blog and Facebook you will give them the opportunity to continue to listen to your music, get to know your band and sell your music online. To do this you can take a few seconds with the mic and remind your listeners where they can find more of your music.  Also, add your Facebook/Twitter/blog/website URLs to your promotional materials and fliers to promote your music presence online.

Get to Know Industry Influencers

You can gain greater exposure my mingling and networking with industry influencers. Industry influencers can include local and national DJs, journalists, other musicians, music bloggers and social media activists. The best promotion you can receive is from trusted music sources.  Fans are able to hear reliable sources talking positively about your band and you are given more chances to sell your music online. As you meet important industry people, follow up using Facebook and Twitter.  It will keep your meeting in their mind and give you social media exposure connected to the individual. After connecting over social media, add each industry influencer to a spread sheet with their contact information and re-connect on a regular basis. The interaction will grow the relationship.

Build Relationships with Fans

After your fans have found your social media pages and DJs and bloggers have raved about your latest songs, continue to form relationship with your fans. The day after each gig post pictures, video and other content from the show. Also, on your Facebook and Twitter, thank your fans for coming to the show. In the post you can tag the venue, other bands that were there and any industry important people who attended the show.  The tags will give your post a larger platform to reach more current and potential fans.

For more ways to promote your music and to sell your music online, contact a SongCast representative today!

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