Write Songs that Sell Your Music on iTunes

The best songs will get stuck in your head, replayed over and over by the radio and make the listeners feel something.  As an artist you are able to decide what your music says, who sell_music_on_itunesit speaks to and the emotions it stirs. Writing a relatable song will help you to sell your music on iTunes and other major music distribution sites. Finding the right lyrics or chords and melodies can be hard for both beginning and experienced artists. Writer’s block can affect anyone, but below are a few tips to help you construct your songs and better sell your music on iTunes.

Find Your Lyrics Inspiration

Songs that make people listen all have one common thread; they strike a person at an intimate degree.  Music varies by genre and topic, but at the basic level the most popularly listened to and bought songs bring forth an emotion.  Your first step in deciding to write a song is to decide what it is to be about and the feelings your lyrics bring. Ask yourself how you feel? What are you thinking about? What makes you cry? Laugh or smile? What makes you angry? Your fans won’t love your song without you being personally invested in the music yourself. Meaning, in order to sell your music on iTunes and other online music distribution sites, it is important to be true to yourself.

The Beat

There are many strategies to finding the right beat and rhythm of your music. First consider the tone of the lyrics and theme of the song, to help you decide a fast, slow or medium beat. You may find your own beat by listening to music by other artists.  Try your lyrics to their rhythm and see if you are able to develop something that works with your words.  Also, try going for a walk.  By walking, your brain and heart become synchronized to the beat of you steps.  As you think about your lyrics, you will begin to move to the natural pace of your song, allowing you to develop your tempo. Finally, try picking up an instrument and playing along to your words.  Play anything that comes to mind and you will be surprised at much original music will be created.

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