5 Resources for Recording: Magazines and Websites to Check Out

As an indie artist, you’re likely interested in home recording options. Before you dive inhome_recording_for_musicians head first, have you educated yourself? Do you know the latest news in the recording industry and how it impacts your work? Or if you do feel that you have a good grip on the recording industry, but want to stay on top of trends and news (perhaps you’re looking for job leads, as well), it’s important to read all you can about the industry.

Here are five magazines and websites that are great resources of information about the recording industry, gear, trends and more:

  • Tape Op is a bi-monthly print magazine covering music recording – and they boast the largest circulation in the world in this field. Since 1996 they’ve covered producers, engineers and musicians, gear reviews and more. Tape Op’s focus is on creativity and inspiration, rather than simple discussions of recording equipment. Check out their website to download a sample issue. Subscriptions are FREE in the US and UK.

There is also a Tape Op Message Board with over 2 million visitors per year, which serves as a great resource, as well.

  • Mix Magazine covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology. It also includes coverage of facility design and construction, location recording, tape/disc manufacturing, education, and more.

Mix includes columns and feature articles on technical subjects, industry news, new product announcements and equipment reviews, profiles of producers, engineers and artists, features on production facilities and live venues.

They also boasts the industry’s most extensive directory of recording studios and other audio/video facilities and services in the annual Mix Master Directory.

  • Recording Magazine is a monthly subscription based magazine that began in 1987 and offers a blend of topical articles, how-to columns, reviews, interviews, news, DIY guides, critiques of readers’ recordings, and much more.
  • Pro Sound News is an online portal to everything from business and recording industry news to the latest in gear and post-production. It includes blogs, videos and a free digital subscription to their e-magazine.
  • Sonic Scoop is an online news source and community bridging the New York City-area music, sound and recording industries. Founded by audio journalists Janice Brown (EQ, Pro Sound News, Mix) and David Weiss (Mix, Audio Media), SonicScoop covers the world of music production and the music business. With articles, video and audio podcasts, the site provides behind-the-scenes studio news and features on contemporary music and sound production methods, technical insights and gear reviews by local producer/engineers, studio and music business innovations, and more.

Tell us what you think: What recording industry magazines or websites do you turn to for information?

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  • asher man 11 / 07 / 2017 Reply

    A great compilation! I’d also recommend Studio Gear Experts It has been of help to me

  • Josh 13 / 08 / 2021 Reply

    producelikeapro.com has a really nice informative recording community I’d recommend.
    There used to be a magazine called Home Recording that went out of business I believe a while ago, or at least is no longer available in my region. It was a great resource – I second the recommendations for Tape Op and Recording mag. Great list!

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