Sell Music Online by Marketing Through Pinterest

Pinterest has spread across the world and has become one of the most populated social media sites in just a few short months. This platform creates a unique space for users and presents plenty of opportunity for musicians looking to sell music online. The pin boardspinterest_for_bands act as a virtual space to showcase a user’s sense of style, likes and dreams. Many bands have already jumped on the wagon and have developed pin boards dedicated to their shows, practices and fan interaction. Pinterest acts as a way to gather a larger fan base and can be used to funnel followers to an area to purchase your music. If you are wondering, “how to sell my music on iTunes and other places online,” read below and learn how to better market your music and increase your sales.

Pin Boards

Your band’s pin boards can be as diverse as you! To start it is good to have several boards dedicated to your music. This means you can have one board of the artists that influence you, another of your band practicing or performing and another of your favorite instruments.  Musicians are also able to dedicate other boards to their music videos or videoed performances.

Bands can also consider each member having their own board. These boards can showcase the style and likes of each member and serve to introduce fans to the more personal side of the band. Your boards should be glimpses of your band, allowing viewers to get a snapshot of what the tunes and musicians are like through pictures.


As much as possible, you should attempt to have your pins link back to your band’s website. This brings in more fans and can help direct them to the correct place to buy your music. At the end of the day you are working to sell music online and should try to make your Pinterest a clear channel to that result.

Make your pins unique, with descriptions of what it is and why you are posting it. The more interesting your pins are, the more likely they will be repined, which will stretch your social media reach and gain you more fans. Pin personal aspirations or inspirations. Pin the style of the singer or the instrument and gear wish list of the drummer.

Pinterest also allows for users to pin videos. This is especially good news for artists. Bands are able to upload their latest videos or interviews and share with their followers. As a musician you want to show the world your product, your music.  Videos provide a way for viewers to get to know your sound and your band.

Pinterest can be a powerful tool for musicians.  If used correctly and frequently, your band will be able to gain more fans and sell more music. For more information on how to sell music online and how to market your music, contact SongCast today.

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