Google+ for Musicians – Why I Need to Get on Board

How to Sell My Music on iTunes and Beyond with Google+

So you update your Twitter before every gig to get more friends and fans grooving in the audience. You also registered with SongCast to get your album on iTunes and other major music distribution sites. And you signed up for MySpace so new listeners can stream your songs and get addicted, and made a Facebook page to get “likes,” pics, and feedback from your groupies. Then, next thing you know, you’re Google searching new venues when an advertisement for Google+ appears. Groan. That’s the last thing you need, right?- another social media site to slave to/update regularly. Worst of all, you don’t even know how to work this one yet. But before you navigate away from the page and toss Google+ in the rubbish bin of your mind, ask yourself a critically important question you must consider before dismissing any media platform – will it help you sell your music online?

In the case of Google+, yes, it probably will.

How to Sell My Music on iTunes with Google+

First and foremost, consider who Google+ is working for. Think of Google+ as one of the many long, tentacle-laced arms of a powerful octopus guarding a glorious underwater kingdom. (Yes, we know, we’re pushing it.) The octopus is Google – the most popular search engine of the era – and the underwater kingdom is the Internet. Though Google is an ornery beast which must be treated with respect and managed with strategy, it’s not insurmountable. Shake hands with one of its powerful legs, and she’ll like you. As Google will like you should your band establish a Google+ account, and will bump up your ratings in the organic search results. So instead of resting begrudgingly on the third page of search results, maybe Google will plop you right onto the first page, bringing a hoard of new visitors and website traffic to your account. Sound good? It is.

Secondly, the old expression “cast a wide net” has some real wisdom to it. Google+ is another platform potential fans can stumble upon, so  it is another means of building a large support base to sell tickets to shows, sell your music online, and heck, maybe even unload some band graphic Ts. Unless you’re a newfound kind of band and aren’t interested in garnering fans, this should be important to you.

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