2 Wireless Guitar Systems Worth Exploring

Mike Wright

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No_More_CablesCables are both the lifeline and bane of a guitarist’s existence on stage, in the rehearsal space and in the studio. They deliver a clear audio tone from the axe to the amp, but also tend to get in the way, dangling and just lying there waiting to be tripped over, stepped on or get tangled up in. Not to mention all the before-and-after cable wrangling. These frustrations are easily eliminated by purchasing a wireless guitar system. Many systems exist, but when it comes to delivering a crystal clear signal for your fretboard gymnastics, you need one that’s rock-solid dependable. Expect to pay anywhere between $300-$600 retail for a decent wireless system, or take your chances and go the second-seller route on sites like eBay and Amazon.
TheMusiciansGuide.co.uk, a British website dedicated to helping DIY musicians succeed in the music business, has given many wireless systems a test run and picked the two they consider to be the best on the market. Do a quick search of review sites and you’ll find that many other folks agree with them.

Line6 Relay G30, G50, and G90
The Relay G series from Line6 delivers cable-grade tone and is noted for its ease of operation. The G30 and G50 versions are stompbox units, while the G90 is rack mountable. All three units are simple to set up and have full frequency response at the edge of their range. The Cable Tone Simulator feature allows you to switch between using your favorite guitar cord and your Line6 system without having to adjust the settings on your amp. For live performance, go with the G50 and G90 models to avoid interference from TV and radio stations. Retail prices for these units currently range between $300 and $600.

Sennheiser EW 172 G3
This Sennheiser unit does everything Line6 G models do, and then some. The built-in guitar tuner, five band equalizer and drop-out free range up to 150 feet make it a plus for those who intend to use it primarily for live performances. This unit is a favorite with bass guitarists for its accurate AF frequency response starting at 25Hz. The EW 172 G3 is a rack mounted system and currently retails for around $500.

Either the Line6 or the Sennheiser would be a good bet, as both systems are neck and neck coming across the finish line, but if you must choose, pick the Line6 G series for truest tone and the Sennheiser for functionality and convenience in a live setting.

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