R&B Returns to Spotlight July 21st! Streaming begins at 8am!

Spotlight: R&B
Program: 003
7/21/12 – 8am

Rhythm & Blues takes over Spotlight Saturday at 8am!  Keep in mind that once shows start streaming, they never stop!!!!  CLICK HERE for the entire SPOTLIGHT ARCHIVE!  Over 40 hours of AMAZING INDIE MUSIC, of ALL TYPES!!!!

This brand new R&B Spotlight features Kaden, Heather Haywood, Mr. Lucas, Justiz Dream, Remy F. Jr., NDALand, Anaya, Connie G., Beckwith, Munyar Rhazy, and MORE!

Check out this AMAZING video from Justiz Dream, for the song “Freak I need,”  and this video from NdaLand, for the song “You’re The One!” Both incredible songs are featured this week, on the R&B Spotlight!

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