Get ready for a huge blast of brand new hip hop on Spotlight! Streaming starts 7/31 at 8pm!

Spotlight: Hip Hop
Program: 011
7/31/12 – 8pm

We have a TON of new, indie hip hop to present to you!  Don’t miss the brand new Hip Hop Spotlight!!!  Featuring artists such as JWizdom, Breezie, G Man The Hoodstar, RodneyG, Mike Ohio, Vitani, P.O.W.! Gang, Midwest Epic, and more!

Hit these amazing videos by JWizdom, G Man The Hoodstar, Mike Ohio, Santini, and P.O.W.! Gang, all tracks featured on this brand new Hip Hop Spotlight!!!!

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  • POW GANG 31 / 07 / 2012 Reply

    Hello, can you send us a link to the show tonight so we can send it out to all are fans
    thank you . we would love to do a phone interview over the air sometime ……. (pow gang)

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