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It’s time for another Featured Artist! At SongCast, we’re always looking for new ways to help promote YOUR music. Check out this week’s Featured Artist interview with Kris Keller!

What’s your first musical memory?

My first musical memory is my first ever concert that I went to at age 7. I went with my dad to see Def Leppard in 1993 at Don Valley in Sheffield. It was the best gig that I had ever been to in my life so far. I was so affected in a positive way by this gig, that gig was responsible for me wanting to take up guitar.

What artist inspires you?

The artists that inspire me are Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Def Leppard, Eva Cassidy, Guns n Roses, Alanis Morrisette, and Aerosmith are just a few artists of a whole library that influence me. Although my main style is acoustic, I am influenced by these artists.

What’s your latest track or album?

My latest track or album is called “18th Floor Balcony” or “Mellow Tears”.

What song or album do you HATE?

The album that I hate the most is “The Bends” by Radiohead.

What’s a song or album everyone should be listening to right now?

I think the song or album that everyone should be listening to now should be “Continuum” by John Mayer, although it’s an older album, I absolutely love everything about it (his voice, his style, the way he expresses himself when he plays guitar). He is one of my guitar heroes.

What profession would you choose if you couldn’t choose music?

If I could not do music as a profession, I would choose to be a chef because I am a very good cook and enjoy cooking! Although, music is my passion and drive and the only love in my life.

Tell us more about your local scene.

My local scene is electric. There are a lot of pubs and clubs around that are very spacious and hold quite a good amount of people and good equipment. Large crowds usually attend gigs, which is a bonus because you really don’t have a good gig without the people!

As a performer, what would be your ‘perfect’ live experience?

My perfect live experience would be to play at a festival purely because of the electric atmosphere. (I would like to play lots of venues festivals would be my favorite.)

What aspect drew you to the particular genre of music that you now perform/write?

The aspect that drew me to being an acoustic artist is basically just the style and raw openness that acoustic playing gives. There is nowhere to hide when playing acoustically because it’s just you, a microphone, and a guitar and that in my opinion is the rawest you could go, plus I love playing acoustic because I’m a very adept player and my style is very different, I have been told that when I play it’s like I’m playing two guitars at the same time and that is my style of playing and also my singing is very unique in a good way I think.

Share one personal event in your life that greatly influenced a song/album that you have created during your musical career.

The most personal event in my life that has greatly influenced my music would be the death of my sister. Although very sad and traumatizing we both used to play and sing together. When I play now, it’s like her love is flowing through me like an energy, and that is what makes and helps me write the songs that I write.

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