How to Boost your Music Sales this Holiday Season

Sell_Music_on_ItunesIt probably comes as no surprise, but a lot of music is sold during the holiday months – consisting of 20% of all the music sold in a year. If summers are concert season then winter is the season for sales, which means you should be looking into as many possibilities to grab those sales in this month as you can!

With iTunes still being the driver of online music sales; accounting for around 2/3 of all digital music sold, it’s a great time to focus on new ways of how to sell your music on iTunes.

Four Great Ways To Sell Your Music On iTunes This Holiday Season

1.  Get listed!

If you still haven’t put your album on iTunes, there is literally no better time than NOW to do it. Get in on the holiday shopping while you still can! Plus, with a great album submission service at your back, you’ll get a professional profile and see your tracks online within a few days.

2. Encourage custom iTunes Radio stations.

With the inclusion of Apple’s new Pandora-like iTunes Radio comes the ability for users to create custom stations. The more people making custom stations based around your band on iTunes, the more it will generate referrals and in return gives a boost to your tracks’ visibility.

Plus, the official stations are gated by Apple’s DJs, having a lot of people using you as a seed for custom stations is going to be one of the best ways to get noticed at iTunes HQ.

3. Create your own mixes on Ping.

Get involved directly! Create some mixes through Apple’s “Ping” social service that includes a few of your songs, along with a good curated collection of others’ material. Give it a clever title for more exposure, like labeling it a playlist for some sort of unusual activity. (“It’s Complex: Music for Breaking Up with Two People Simultaneously.”)

4. Watch your trends.

One of the best things that occur when you sell your music on iTunes is that you get daily trend reports on your views, listens, and sales. As you experiment with different promotions over the next month, this will become an invaluable resource for seeing how well your efforts are paying off!

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