Modern Music You’ll Be Nostalgic For

Sell_Music_OnlineFellow music lovers, in between learning how to sell music online and rocking out at gigs near and far, we know that there are some very familiar musician behaviors you take part in.

No, we’re not talking about the time you bought some Halloween makeup and tried out the KISS look in the mirror. And no, not even the time you were caught lip-synching in your bedroom to that one Madonna song you will forever love.

We’re talking about your oldies-but-always-goodies obsession.

From Queen to Billy Joel, from Blondie to Earth, Wind and Fire, there are certain songs, certain albums, certain bands that will always manage to take you back to the good ol’ days (after all, who can resist a trip to Boogie Wonderland every now and then?)

But whether you’re listening on your iPod or going old school with vinyl, in between incredible guitar solos and too-perfect notes, do you ever find yourself wondering just what modern music you’ll be nostalgic for in ten years from now?

(We do too.)

1.  The Shins: Nothing says nostalgia like The Shins (Zach Braff, we know you feel us). From “New Slang” to “Caring is Creepy,” The Shins fill your earbuds with a relaxing and amazing blend of lyrical genius and quiet vocals so smooth, they could bring you to tears. Not that it’s happened to us.

2.  Regina Spektor: Though it’s hard to ever imagine a world in which Ms. Spektor isn’t providing us with heartfelt, off-the-wall, catchy-in-a-totally-unique-way albums, ten years from now, you may just be dreaming about the crazy talent that is Regina’s early work. Regina, if you’re listening: we’ll never want to “suppose we never met you.”

3.  James Blake: As long as we’re talking off-the-wall, we might as well pay tribute to the producer/singer/songwriter James Blake, who entered and captured our hearts from day one. From his amazing cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” to his work alongside the talented Bon Iver (whom we’ll also be feeling nostalgic about), we can absolutely picture a world ten years from now that includes dedicated head nodding to one of our very favorite artists on quiet, rainy days.

Let us know your modern day and totally timeless favorites in the comments below.

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