Find Casual Musicians to Play With

music distributionWhile music distribution companies like SongCast are able to help you get your music out on the mainstream market, we also know that you need people who will help you make that music as well. Whether you are new in town and looking for new bandmates, you want to make some good connections, or you just want to find people near you to jam with for fun, it is always hard to go out and find like-minded strangers. We understand the struggle of trying to find other musicians, so we’re sharing with you some helpful hints for finding casual musicians to play with. Who knows, they could be featured on your next hit song!


The Internet has made the world a much smaller place, and finding people in your area has become easier thanks to new services and apps. One of the most popular sites you can use to find local groups of people is called It allows you to search for groups near you, from as close to two miles from you and up to 100 miles or any distance away. Meetup has a hugely diverse number of groups, and it has an entire section devoted to musicians looking for other musicians. This is a great way to start looking for people who want to add you to their circle!

  1. Songcast

Not only is Songcast a music distribution company, but members of SongCast can connect with each other. You can find other Indie artists who are a part of SongCast by using our service that allows you to chat and share music, and with all the different artists here you will definitely be able to find someone you want to make music with.

  1. Social Media

A strong social media presence is important for every performer. Social media lets you connect with a huge audience, and more than likely you will come across someone who is also looking for a partner to make music with. Sites like Facebook and Twitter let you share your music and let people know what you’re doing. Who knows what old acquaintances might be back in town looking for someone to jam with, or when you will happen upon a friend-of-a-friend who is a also a musician. You might have mutual friends that want to play music, too, and social media is a great way to connect with people.

  1. Open mic nights

While social media and other websites are super important and helpful, nothing beats actual human interaction. Lots of local restaurants and coffee shops will host open mic nights, and these are a great way to meet new people to play music with in a low-key environment. You don’t have to book the gig, you just show up and play music and chat with others who came to perform for fun. Chances are you’ll bond with some cool people, make new friends, and find someone to jam with, all while listening to some great local artists doing what they love doing.

  1. Get to know your local area

Open mic nights are just one part of the music scene in your town – there are many more opportunities to meet other musicians in your area. Talk to people at local concerts, go to vintage record stores, and attend any and all events that might bring different musicians together. Grouptones is an app that allows you to look at a map of other musicians in the area who are listed by the site, and this might give you an idea of where to start and who is looking for some casual people to play with. Still, getting off the internet, going out of your house, and talking to people face to face is really important – and fun!

We hope these tips inspire you to meet new people and make great music, so you have even more amazing material to sell to music distribution companies that want to help you share your creations. Head over to our SongCast blog for more music, tips, and up-to-date news!

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