Navigating the Indie Music Scene After Your Twenties

How to Sell Songs on iTunesThe music industry is always changing, and artists are asking how to sell songs on iTunes and distribute their music to a wide audience. Many indie artists who are trying to achieve success are young, tech-savvy people – but their fans may not be. Most people assume listeners of indie music are college-aged millennials searching for new bands, but music is a lifelong passion. How does an older person navigate this scene without feeling out of place? We have some tips.

One reason you might stop being involved in the music scene as you get older is because you simply don’t have the time. Actively pursuing music as a hobby can mean going to shows and spending time listening to new bands. However, online music distribution and knowing how to sell songs on iTunes and other streaming services means that it is easier than ever to find new acts without ever having to leave your home. While it isn’t quite the same as seeing a live show, it does make finding and listening to new music easier to fit into your busy schedule. You can listen to the latest releases while at work, or driving home in the evening in order to stay up to date on the newest indie trends.

Another obstacle older people might face while trying to navigate the indie music scene is social media. The fix for this problem is simple – start using it! Once you realize that social media is a fun tool to connect with your favorite artists, it is much less intimidating. Embracing facebook, twitter, and instagram will make it easier to find out about cool events in the indie music scene. Make sure you follow your favorite artists to see the new music they are putting out as well.

As you get older, the venues you attend might start to change. Young people love music festivals and have the time to attend, but you can choose to go to more low profile events. Rather than clubs or raves, you can spend your time at an open mic night or a dive bar, which can often be more enjoyable due to less crowds. Who knows, you may discover new music that you love!

The biggest piece of advice we can give is simply not to be too self conscious. Yes, you might be in the crowd at a show and realize you’re the oldest person in the room, but who cares? More likely than not, people who are younger than you will respect you for still rocking out, and hope they can be a part of the music scene when they get older. If you have a chance to see someone perform, just do it. There’s no age restriction on being a fan, and there’s certainly no age restriction on performing – legendary rockers have toured well into their old age.

Whatever your age, its not too late for you to be involved in the indie music scene. For more new about indie music, advice for musicians, and tips about how to sell songs on iTunes, visit our blog.

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  • Ricardo Mendoza 24 / 02 / 2015 Reply

    I hear this all the time at the studio “I’m 20ish and need to have a record deal before I’m 30…blah blah blah” Music does not have an age. If it did the Stones, Springsteen, Jay Z,etc…wouldn’t be playing sold out shows.

    If you’re 60 and music is your passion then by all means pursue it!

    If you’re looking to monetize your music then start creating “community” around you by adding social media to your arsenal.

    It’s not easy but it can be done. Education is a lifelong process, keep learning, keep doing.

    Best of luck.

    Great article.


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