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When you are in need of a muse for your musical creations, there is no better inspiration and creative guide like travel. As you wind your way through foreign lands and new destinations you expose yourself to unfamiliar rhythms, melodies and musical history. 

Artists Who Found Inspiration

When the greats are looked at, it is hard to beat Paul Simon and his groundbreaking and iconic album “Graceland” as a phenomenal example of music inspired by travel and exposure to new sounds. When Paul Simon took a trip to Soweto, South Africa in the mid 1980s, he was truly inspired by the music he heard; so much so, he went and recorded one of the most groundbreaking recordings of the last forty years. 

Always Listen

When you head out for a trip, keep a recording app handy on your smartphone and keep your ears and eyes open for new styles, beats and melanges of music. This can be found on the street level as you traipse through an unfamiliar country or city. When you hear these impromptu sessions, record them for future reference. It is amazing what can be found when you simply keep yourself open to the possibilities.


As you dig deep to discover new inspirations for your musical creations, one of the greatest sources of such inspiration is simply engaging the locals in conversation. Here you find oral traditions and grist for lyrics and song. Whether you are in Iceland breaking through the barrier of the Skandis, or are in Sri Lanka and hearing the morning chants and calls to prayer, you can find inspiration everywhere you go. The most important thing to remember is to never take it for granted and never be closed off to the possibilities that travel gives.

As you travel, you are taking a trip that even a Greek Muse would be hard pressed to compete with for creative inspiration. Get out, even if only to a city a train ride away. 

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