Promote Your Music With Instagram

In a somewhat surprising move, mega-popular image-sharing site Instagram announced it was getting into the blogging game. Music-blogging, specifically, with the new @music account. Could this be another opportunity to promote your music online??

And the answer is…  ehhhhh, kinda.

This is an interesting move from Instagram, but at the moment it’s unclear how much effect -if any- this is going to bring to the online indie music community.

Instagram @music Might One Day Promote Your Music

Is Instagram now running a wannabe-trendy music blog?

They’ve been long aware that artists like Taylor Swift are among their most popular accounts, and that a huge number of indie bands maintain accounts as one of their main social media outlets.  Instagram is especially popular with folks under 25, although its popularity among old folks is slowly growing.

So now they’ll be blogging daily (Tuesday – Sunday) about musicians they’ve decided to highlight.

There’s no stated criteria for being mentioned in the @music blog, and if it’s actually pay-for-play, they’re not telling us about the rates. At the moment, it appears to be totally up to the whims of their editorial staff.

It’s also anyone’s guess whether @music will gain traction among users. Long-form music journalism blogs really don’t fit in with Instagram’s flood of attention-deficit imagery. This could easily fall by the wayside in the same way Twitter’s #Music did a couple years ago.

If You’re On Instagram, You Might As Well Work It

If you’re on Instagram it’s probably worth increasing your efforts a bit and hoping you attract someone’s attention. Maybe even organize campaigns among your followers to try to get included in the blog.

However, at this point, the relevance of Instagram @music is definitely up in the air.


What do you think? Will you use @music to promote your music

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