Four Indie Music Videos to Inspire You

Whether you’re a veteran or first-timer, all the web’s a stage. For bands hoping to get their music widely heard, it remains an important medium for those hoping to get discovered and those looking to maintain and grow their fan base. Don’t let budget constraints or creative fears keep you from producing videos to promote your music, as some of the most inspired ideas have been born from those limitations. Here are four indie music videos to inspire you in making a great video that translates into a positive musical experience for both you and your fans. music video

Prayers / Gothic Summer

The San Diego Cholo-Goth duo’s gorgeous black and white music video for Prayers evokes a sense of noir around a culturally significant topic and is a great example of simple story telling done right.

Modest Mouse / Lampshades on Fire

With its use of provocative images, the music video for Lampshades on Fire is a mesmerizing, artistic cautionary tale that works perfectly with the song. The music video will inspire you to think outside the box when looking to tell a story.

Michael Rault / Too Bad So Sad

With its playful tribute to the June Taylor dancers of the Jackie Gleeson show, Toronto-based Michael Rault’s music video for Too Bad So Sad perfectly reflects this band’s hooky blend of pop rock and proves reaching back to the past for inspiration can produce some pretty awesome modern takes.

Aaron and Jane / ToNIghT

L.A. duo Aaron Therol and Jane Kim may spring from contrasting musical backgrounds, but the way their acoustic sound and background vocals flow together reflects their common love of musical storytelling and their simple videos, like this one for ToNIghT, perfectly portray their personal styles and personalities. Check out their other playful videos for inspiration in how to produce effective videos on small budgets.

Tens of millions of indie music lovers are constantly seeking out new music videos from indie artists. Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to produce some great content of your own.

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