Recipe for a Successful Boy Band

We’ve seen many rise to stardom when it comes to boy bands—from the Beach Boys and the Beatles to Aerosmith, *NSYNC and One Direction. But what exactly makes for a successful boy band? Here at SongCast, we have a few suggestions to promote your band and make it a first-class guy group.promote your band

Make collaboration a priority. Sure, everyone is going to have some differences and want to be the bandleader. The best way to avoid a fallout in this type of situation is to boost your collaboration skills and recognize what each band member has to contribute that’s unique. Most successful boy bands do, however, have a sort of figurehead to lead the group (see: Harry Styles, Steven Tyler, John Fogerty and Justin Timberlake). Even a group with a leader can collaborate and get along well, so know what makes each musician tick and what helps everyone work toward a common goal (and learn how to value your alone time, too).

Promote your band well through effective marketing. Keep up-to-date on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to keep fans in the know—and to let potential fans know that the band means business. Consider saving up for a quality music video, and post “behind-the-scenes” snapshots or video clips of the band on social media to boost fan interaction. Perhaps take it on an individual level—let fans get to know each band member with fun facts or short bios.

Be prepared in case someone goes solo. The group itself may not be ready for a total disbanding—so in a Zayn Malik-type situation, be ready to take on a new band member or try to make a “minus-one” group work. Put personal issues aside and set up a game plan for the band. Any animosity, especially when it’s made public, could mean bad press for the band.

Aside from the great music boy bands (past and present) have shared with the world, there’s still plenty of work that goes into a successful musical group.

What do you think makes for a great boy band? Tell us in the comments below, and visit our SongCast blog for more tips on how to promote your band!

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