Music Marketing and Youtube Insights

Are you looking for new ways to get your music out there using YouTube? Music Marketing

You’re in luck.

The site recently launched Music Insights to help up-and-coming artists learn how video views can fill any music marketing toolbox. It’s a new feature that displays specifically where around the globe an artist is most popular. It also features top tracks per artist, shows view data from official music videos and uploads from fans. It’s a great way for new artists to see how fan interaction plays into their musical journey.

This new data tool was formed as a key piece of the YouTube for Artists site to help reach fresh audiences. One shining example of how it can help you meet your music marketing goals is that it can put your song on the radio. Through Music Insights, a producer can see how well your music is reaching local audiences and consider your biggest hit to put on the air. That’s right—YouTube is making it easier for indie musicians to make it big.

Not only can you potentially reach a bigger audience through the airwaves—you can also use the Music Insights to scope out the sweetest spots when touring. With the tool that shows which cities hold the biggest concentration of fans, you can pretty safely select where your best gigs should be.

Once you’re on the Music Insights page, you can see how it works by simply typing in an artist’s name (so far, data on 10,000 artists is available). A quick search for big-label artists might give you some insight into your genre and where your target audience might be: Katy Perry’s largest fanbase is in Mexico City, country star Luke Bryan’s is in Houston, and reggae rap/alternative rock artist Matisyahu has a large concentration of fans in the Philippines. Bottom line: this tool may have the power to take your music worldwide. It’ll also be made available in 22 languages.

Have you taken advantage of YouTube’s Music Insights? How do you use YouTube stats for your music marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments below!

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