Top Digital Music Distribution Platforms

The growing number of digital music distribution platforms has been rapidly changing the landscape of the music industry. However, finding the right distribution tools to upload, share and promote music can become challenging for many artists. Understanding why each platform is powerful and useful can help musicians choose from the numerous options. The following are some of the top digital music distribution platforms.


Apple’s creation is probably the most known digital music distribution platform—especially with the new addition of Apple Music. Any indie musician that is looking to provide fans with the option of purchasing their music online should be using iTunes. While the increase in revenue goes hand in hand with popularity, the popularity of Apple’s iTunes will definitely attract some fans.


SoundCloud was created in 2007 and since then has become one of the most popular online audio distribution tools. Once you create a profile, you can upload your music and share it with the world. In addition, SoundCloud allows users to easily share music in blogs, websites and different social media platforms. This digital tool is great for both established and rising musicians that are trying to stream their music and increase their followers.


This digital music distribution platform is in the growing process but already getting well known in the music industry. Audiomack not only allows users access to unlimited streaming and storage, but also offers analytics. Artists can know the exact reach of each song and their trend-based rankings without a challenge. Audiomack is a great choice of platform for indie musicians that want to share their songs and be in control of the marketing and success of their music.

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