How to Promote your Music Locally

After the hard work put into writing, composing and practicing your songs, it is time to begin promoting your music. Sharing and marketing your music locally is the best way to get recognized and increase your fanbase. However, music promotion can become tricky if you don’t know where to start. Follow these tips on how to promote your music locally.

Make an Impression

Because fans don’t want to watch someone sit in a chair and serenade them, you need to transform your show into an event. You need to add unique elements that will wow your audience. Try adding some popular cover songs with a twist, people love to sing along and it will help you make an impression.


Diversity is key to increasing your fanbase. While you may be happy with the sound of your own genre, it is important to add variety so that you can reach many more people. Try listening to other genres or reaching out to other local artists that play different genres to your own. Adding elements from different genres can help make your songs unique.

Local Media

Reaching out to local media is a great way to increase followers and promote your music locally. Contact local radio stations–especially college radios as they are known for promoting local and new artists–and give them a copy of your latest single or album. In addition, having your gigs featured on the local newspaper can get you more recognition from a wider audience.

For more information on how to promote your music locally, follow our SongCast Blog.

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