Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Music Degree

For artists wondering how to get your song on iTunes, the answer could lie in a college degree. How? While a degree won’t guarantee a best-selling record, there are many unexpected benefits of a degree that could lead to the big break you’ve been waiting for. The music industry is changing, and there are many new and exciting options in musical education. Keep reading to find out what having a music degree could do for you.


Having a music degree gives you options. It gives you the qualifications for jobs that supplement your band’s income or even help your band become more successful. While writing music and performing may be your first passion, having a music degree allows you to pursue multiple paths while you’re still starting out.

There are now more options than ever for someone who wants to enter the music industry – and there are hundreds of degree programs allowing you to specialize in different areas. Schools across the country offer degrees in performance and composition, the typical choices for professional musicians in the past. Degrees such as Music Education, Music Business, Music/Audio Technology, Music History, and Songwriting are now available options, and could enhance your career and give you access to multiple areas within the music industry.


There are thousands of people who think they deserve to be discovered and want to succeed as artists. What makes you better than them? Having a college degree doesn’t prove you have talent, but it does suggest that you are driven, dedicated, and possess skills that others don’t. Success depends on hard work, and having a degree shows you are committed.

Network Opportunities

Experts in every industry talk about the need for young professionals to network effectively, and music is no different. In fact, making valuable connections in the music industry could make or break your career. If you are getting a music degree, you will be surrounded by professors and instructors who are experts in their fields. What better way to network than to put yourself in an environment full of fellow musicians, and music professionals who want to mentor you and help you learn?


Unfortunately, you probably won’t make millions off the first song you make. In the meantime, you need money to finance your band’s songwriting and recording efforts. Depending on the degree you choose, you could be a teacher, have a behind-the-scenes job as a manager, or even be a sound engineer, and you could use the income from these jobs to make quality music.


If you study music in college, you’ll be in a learning environment surrounded by thousands of people who are trying to find new ways to do things, and create new sounds with their music. You can study abroad for a year and get inspired by different cultures, or you could take a business course and learn how to budget your band. There are hundreds of opportunities available to you; you just need to seize them.

We hope this article has given you something to consider, and we want to help you find success in your musical career. To find out more about the indie music industry, news, and how to get your song on iTunes, follow our blog.

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