How to Increase Attendance At Your Live Music Performance

As an indie musician, performing can be very beneficial to your career and great practice for future opportunities. Knowing how to entertain an audience and increase the number of people attending is a very important aspect of taking part in a live music performance. Follow these tips on how to increase attendance at your live music performance.

Get the Word Out

Social media handles or printing flyers can be very helpful. Tweeting or posting a Facebook status summarizing what the event will include will most definitely get you a larger audience. However, make sure to also stick to the traditional methods of promotion, such as radio shout-outs, posters, and word-of-mouth.

 Maintain A Good Image

As an artist, your life is constantly showcased under the microscopic eye of the press. Everything is nit-picked and acting out isn’t your best resort. It’s wonderful to express your feelings, but recklessness is a whole other discussion. As you execute your live music performance, don’t pretend to be something you are not for publicity. Keep in mind that while recklessness can attract a lot of publicity, it is also short-lived.

 Make It Relatable

Making music that relates to a variety of people may be the best career move. People are driven by their emotions and drawn by others who seem to be feeling the same way. Think of John Mayer and Taylor Swift, they both incorporate past experiences and emotions into their songs, which allows the audience to connect with them. If you are able to apply emotional elements into your live music performance, your audience will surely increase.

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