How Good is Your Music?

As an Indie musician, you’re probably focused on how to get your music on iTunes, how to gain more fans, and how to distribute your music. However, before you can even start to work on accomplishing any of these goals, you need to make sure your music is great. Artists can easily get caught up in trying to produce music quickly so they can sell it and perform, but if it isn’t perfect yet, all your efforts could lead to nothing. So, how do you know when your music is good enough? Use these helpful tips.

Find an objective listener

We’re sure your friends and family have assured you that they think your music is amazing, perfect, life-changing, and inspiring. People who know you are more likely to share a less-than-honest opinion, especially if they want to avoid hurt feelings. Seek out someone who knows music and who you don’t have a close personal relationship with to give you honest feedback on what you need to improve on.

How does it compare to your idols?

If you don’t come close to being as good as the people that inspired you to make music, you might need more time to work on it. If you want to make it in the music industry, the quality of your work should be able to stack up to some of the greats. If it doesn’t, what makes you think it will be successful?

Let the Internet decide

Post a video of a rehearsal on Facebook or YouTube and see what the commentators say. Are the people who like or share the video your friends, or are they new fans who’re excited by your music? Does it get a lukewarm reaction? There are so many tools available to artists in the Digital Age, it would be foolish not to use them.

What if this was the only song you ever made?

Listen to every single song you make and consider, “If this were the only piece of music I could be remembered for, would I be happy with that?” If you could only play one song for a producer or a crowd, you should be able to say that each and every one of the songs you’ve ever made would get you a great response.

Play it live

Putting a song on the internet and looking at shares and comments is useful, but it does not compare to the raw, immediate feedback a crowd gives you when you perform live. If your audience is excited and amped up, you know you have a hit – but if they don’t connect with the music, you need to rethink it.

Never settle for “good enough”

If you find yourself saying, “this song is good enough”, it probably means you’re settling. Your music should be great, fantastic, or amazing, and you should work on every detail until it is perfect – don’t stop at ‘good enough’.

Follow these tips to give you confidence in knowing that your music is the best it could possibly be. For more information on how to get your music on iTunes and Indie music advice, follow our blog.

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