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Robbie Rox does this each and every time, check out robbie on you tube

reverend b robertMarch 8 2016,Building Your Brand,SongCast University

How about a haunted house?

JohnFebruary 21 2016,Fan Interaction

Thank you so much for such a detailed strategy, which I hope will help me with my account promotion. Whatever it was, it isn't enough only the information that there are applications, which help with increasing followers, and can provide elaborated to detail information and analytics, e.g. Zengram and Schedugram

Simon OstrovskyFebruary 19 2016,Marketing & Promotion,SongCast University

I have created a song and a melody, but do not have any music. Can an engineer put together the music and everything? ...can they put music to my lyrics?

lmJanuary 23 2016,Recording Tips


Where are you playing gigs?