You messed up on stage. How do you fix it?

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If you ask why... I think that the most relevant answer is that the musician nowadays has to wear lots of different hats. He or she should be a writer, a producer, an engineer, should play different instruments, should shoot a video and at the end of the day should be a marketer to market all the art produced. If (e.g.) I am interested in just playing guitar, it would be quite hard for me to carry all that stuff.

GrigoryNovember 28 2016,Marketing & Promotion

I agree that it is important to keep all of the band members in the know. Some bands tend to just let one of the members handle the finances, but really everyone should be involved. I appreciate your helpful tips, I think I will be able to create a workable budget. Thank you!

What is the cost of having your music available for purchase onto a CD, given that you already have an album available to download online.

tony downingApril 22 2016,Digital Distribution

Robbie Rox does this each and every time, check out robbie on you tube

reverend b robertMarch 8 2016,Building Your Brand,SongCast University