Best Places to Tour During Summer

Band Touring CostsGoing on tour has always been one of the best methods of self-promotion for a band.  It exposes you to new audiences, creates more buzz, and potentially even gets you on the radars of bigger-name producers or managers.  

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive forms of musical self-promotion.  Band touring costs can quickly eat up the profits, and it’s often a challenge to mount a tour that merely breaks even.  

So let’s talk about a few destinations that might lower those band touring costs a bit…

Three Great Choices For Inexpensive Summer Touring

1 – East Nashville, TN

You might not think it, but a small suburb only two miles from the beating heart of all things Country is quickly turning into a haven for indie musicians of ALL stripes.  Really.  Its cost of living is well below most areas in the country, and it sits at a cultural crossroads of sorts that attracts a wide variety of people.

It has a thriving indie scene and you’ll be able to stay there for a lot less than most places.

2 – Grand Rapids, MI

It’s the second-largest city in Michigan, and it’s more diversified than many cities in the area.  It’s starting to see the same rise of indie music happening in other “second tier” cities taking in those moving away from too-expensive big name burgs.

That makes it a perfect city for an indie band to go for a good piece of exposure, without paying NY or LA prices.

3 – Charlottesville, VA

Again, it’s the same story – a relatively unassuming second-tier town that’s seeing a lot of “runoff” from the larger cities.  Charlottesville has a highly varied musical scene, and thanks to the large campus in town, is a magnet for B-list and even A-list acts.

But thanks to the lower cost of living, it’s also a good option for indie groups looking to keep your band touring costs down.


Do you know any other good cheap touring destinations?

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