Why Pop Reigns During Summer

When you’re looking into how to sell music more reliably, you need to start digging a little deeper into the music market and their motivations. There are a lot of “environmental” factors that influence music purchasing. As a painfully obvious example, most Christmas music is sold in December.

By the same token, summer presents a unique opportunity to sell music, but it’s gotta be the right music. Pop is king during the summertime, so keeping that in mind will make it a lot easier for you to move tracks and merchandise.

How to Sell MusicHow To Sell Music: Making The Most Of The Summertime Pop Explosion

Why does pop music sell so well in the summer? One can imagine several explanations:

  1. Summer is associated fun outdoor events, usually set under clear blue skies and sparkling sunlight. It’s a setting that begs for equally bright and fun music.
  2. Similarly, nighttime parties are popular in the summer, since it remains warm enough in most places to make the nights pleasant throughout, adding to the dance-party vibe.
  3. School is out, so most students now have a lot more free time, and likely some extra spending money as well.
  4. Wealthier students flocking to beaches and global nightclub hotspots drive the tunes there into the charts and larger popularity.
  5. Summer is prime music festival season, and folks out for a festival aren’t there for heavy, thoughtful tunes. (They’re likely addled and/or sunstruck enough to lack the necessary attention span, for one thing…)

However you want to look at it, people want fun and upbeat tunes during the summer.

The question of how to sell music in the summer is pretty clear-cut: This is the time for your most fun, poppy, and upbeat songs. Fall and winter are the times for thoughtful contemplation.

Love songs are another good choice, but follow the seasonal pattern for plotting them:  Spring is for “falling-in-love” songs, and Summer is about what happens next, good or bad. Then, save the tearjerkers for the end of the year.

If you release tracks appropriate for the season, you’ll ultimately sell a lot more music!

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