SongCast Podcast – Episode Seven – July 5, 2024

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Episode Seven of our SongCast Podcast is live!
Stream on YouTube, SoundCloud, or listen to the music on Spotify.

We start off this podcast with some phenomenal indie pop, followed by hip-hop,
country, reggae, dance, R&B, Alternative, and Jazz.

This Month’s Featured Artists:

We start off with pop from New York City and collaboration between childhood friends.  Enjoy Lava Baby’s “Brand New Mood” from the release Big Muff..lava baby
Bscarz is a Nigerian/American Afrobeat artist, riding tasty waves with the track “I Want Shele.”

bscarzTay Janise delivers Rhythm & Blues from the release Incipient, with a track called “Shy Girl’s Anthem.”tay janise in
Kala K spits out reality rhymes from Dallas, Texas.  Hit the cover and check “Gangstalking”kala k gang
We stay in Texas and light up the night with indie hip hop and Geek’s “Lit Parties.”
geek lit
Kirk Jay was a finalist on Season 15 of the TV show “The Voice.”  His single “shuffle” is worthy.   kirk shuff
Jamaica’s Johnny Clarke has been an icon since the 1970s.  Crack up “Love up, Live up”
johnny Clarke 50 sing
We keep the reggae going and travel to London to skank with Natty King and a great track called “Fighting.”

natty king fighting
Next up is indie dance from Poland and Chilli Coffee’s “How Will I Know.”chilli coffee longue
Want some tasty pop with an infectious groove?  You got i with Tehuti Mercurian’s “Ooh, I want 2”
This great electronic dance tune will get you movin’.  Hit the cover and enjoy Fresh Power’s “Vintage Keys.”

fresh power push

Chicago’s Sands Of The Hour sings about the neighborhood of Avondale, with “Megalo Melon Head.”
sands last avondale
We end off with crispy cllean pop from Moracco and Mourazik Williams and “Kiss Her Thunder”
mourazik houney

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