Make the Most out of your Soundcheck

Live PerformanceYou can’t have a successful live performance without performing a thorough soundcheck. It is the best way to help you ensure that the sound is clear in the venue and that the stage monitor sound systems are at the right volume and tone. However, the process can become challenging and frustrating for musicians that are unsure of what to do. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with preparing for live performances, follow these tips to make the most out of your soundcheck.

Be Punctual

Whether you are the first or last band in the lineup, you need to get to the venue on time. Every music group is given an allotted time to do their live performance preparation routine and being late can delay other artists as well as reduce your soundcheck time.

Test Everything

Without soundchecks, you can’t be sure of how the instruments and systems are going to sound to your audience. To avoid deafening your fans or bore them in silence, always make sure to bring everything you are going to use in your live performance. This includes instruments, gear and spares in case something breaks or gets lost.

Listen to the Sound Technician

The sound technician is an expert on soundchecks and can help make your live performance sound its best. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The sound technician can’t guess what your band may be needing, so always communicate any problem or need. Maintaining a good working relationship with the sound expert can eliminate many stressful situations.

Test Different Songs

To successfully gauge how the songs will sound during the show, always test at least two with different elements. Everything goes through the board so the purpose of this test is to set the performance’s mix and find out what needs to be adjusted by the sound technician.

Don’t settle for good, make your live performance great! For more tips on how to make the most of your soundcheck, follow our SongCast Blog.

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