SongCast Radio Promotions

SongCast is now offering custom radio shows, to help you promote your music.  Choose from three packages.  Each package includes promotional extras.  All include a custom produced radio show featuring only your music!  Two packages include an interview with you, where you will be interviewed by a professional radio announcer.  Take listeners deep into your music, talk about your music, your vision, and encourage people to purchase and download your music.

You own the rights to your show and will receive your own MP3 copy.  Use it any way you want.  Upload to Soundcloud or your website.  Edit and update your show as needed.  Use as part of your electronic press kit.  Send it to people inquiring about your music.  Use your radio show to help book live performances.

Your show will stream on our SongCast Radio App and on  Link to your show on our streaming platforms for commercial free streaming of your custom radio program.

Hit the links below for more information and to order your customized radio show.

Click this link for a informational video about our radio promotions.

Click here to order your custom radio show!


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